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That’s What YOU Are!

You are the Smile

That Blooms On My Happy Lips

You are the Shy

That closes the Lids Of My Eye

You are the Melody

That Plays the Broken chords in My Ear

You are the Scent

That Reaches Me, Craving You More

You are the Heartbeat

That Races on my thumping Heart too High

You are the Lust

That Twinkles to let my Light go Blinded By

You are the Butterfly

That ticklingly Flutters in my Tummy

You are the sensation

That Runs with a Turn On, all Over My Body

You are the Tears

That at Times, Rolls Down Salting My Cheek

Above All that You are to Me…….

You are the Peace

That has Saved Me From A Starvation

I thought I would never be Free of

Towards Easing Me For A Sound Sleep!